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About Rory

Rory’s first experience with photography came while roaming the Wicklow Mountains, south of Dublin in Ireland, during rainy windswept days out exploring the beautiful scenery of the area.  After moving to Canada for work in 2006, Rory continued his interest of photography spending time hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, before discovering the wonder and vastness of Northern Canada.     

His career as an environmental geologist gave him the opportunity to live and work across the Canadian Arctic, from the Yukon to Nunavut for many years.  This was where he really advanced his photography skills working for various government departments of Canada, documenting both environmental and historical information for various conservation programs.  

These days Rory’s adventures include driving along ice roads at night chasing spectacular auroras and travelling in float planes to remote locations on the Tundra for adventure shoots. Closer to home, he spends his weekends hanging off a rock half way up a mountain trying to capture a stunning waterfall or an aerial view of an alpine lake shimmering in the sun.

Rory’s passion is exploring remote scenic locations, where few people have visited. He utilizes both the natural environment and his subjects to capture images that entice viewers to put it on their bucket list.  He has a strong following on social media and has been featured in a number of travel articles.  Currently Rory’s focus is capturing and documenting the natural landscape and the cultural history of Northern Canada.  In doing so he is hoping to preserve these remarkable stories and memories and share them with audiences around the world.

Outside of photography, Rory is a keen long-distance trail runner (participating in many races such as Frostbite50 in Yellowknife and Moose Mountain Trail Run in Bragg Creek), cyclist (including cycling 700 km from the top to the bottom of Ireland for Irish Autism Association), musician, avid reader and is currently a registered Search and Rescue Volunteer.  

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